5 Things that make Costa Rica Special

5 Things that make Costa Rica Special to Visit & Live

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Clean Living in a Peaceful Environment – Costa Rica 

People have flocked to Costa Rica for decades as tourists or as expats searching for a new way of life. What makes it so special? It’s respect for nature and biodiversity is well-known worldwide, but there is much more to this tiny isthmus right smack in the middle of the American Continent. Below are 5 things that make Costa Rica special.

1. No Military

Many people are perplexed by this. They question, well, how do you defend yourselves against aggression or oppression? Negotiation and friends in high places would be a part of the response. After Costa Rica’s civil war of 1948, President Figures abolished the army. The budget once spent on military pursuits was instead invested in education and infrastructure, which has proven fruitful for the nation, especially when you compare it to neighbors in the region.

2. Clean Energy and Carbon Neutrality

5 things that make Costa Rica special-windmills and solar panel renewable green energy

Costa Rica has achieved 300 consecutive days using renewable energy several times, breaking its own record again and again. Even though there is still much more work to be done, a large portion of power is being drawn from hydro-electrical plants, and in much smaller numbers wind and geothermal energy are also contributing. From large complexes, to residential buildings, to farmers and sharecroppers, many are adjusting their ways of life to utilize the sun for electric generation as well.

Carbon neutrality is still far off, an aggressive goal for 2021 had to be pushed back, mainly because the Paris accord was not in place when it was set. With new guidelines, milestone targets are now at 2030, 2050 and final one in 2080. The important first step of energy independence has almost been reached.

3. Champion of the Earth

5 things that make Costa Rica special-sunset over breaking ocean waves

During the last get together of the UN in New York, September 2019, Costa Rica was named Champion of the Earth. This is the first time a country wins this recognition for helping sustainability as part of its core values and government’s decision making process.

4. Blue Zone – Nicoya Peninsula

Things that make Costa Rica special - Volcano and blue sky







The Nicoya Peninsula on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is one of the world’s blue zones as per studies done by Dan Buettner. This means people living in these areas have a significantly lower rate of chronic disease than in other places. Their longevity is attributed to a lifestyle where there is a natural diet of mineral rich corn, vegetables and few meat, low stress levels, importance of family and social lives and respect for elders.

5. Tourism 

sloth hanging outred-eye Tree frog on a leafstanding with volcano in the background

Even though tourism is very important to the Costa Rican economy, the country has set a limit of visitors to a maximum of 4 million per year. (3 million tourists arrived in 2018.) The infrastructure for hotels also has limits depending on the location, regarding building height and proximity to the ocean and other natural resources. 95% of its hotel offerings are small to medium properties, to curb massive tourism.

So apart from experiencing its tropical beaches and jungle adventures, talk to a local and share anecdotes. Travel is such a learning experience for both the visitor and the guest, and the exchange of knowledge and anecdotes make all our lives richer for it. Come for the Pura Vida lifestyle, you might not want to leave.

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