Costa Rica is a FUN (and safe) place to be RIGHT NOW!

Tucanes Tours a fun and safe place for adventure

Costa Rica is a fun and safe place to be right now!

If you’ve been doing any research at all then you are already aware that Costa Rica is THE fun and safe place to be right now. Our way of life has changed, maybe forever, times have certainly been challenging for all, especially for the tourism and travel industry. Here in Costa Rica, our expansive beaches, forests, jungles and mountains allow for the opportunity to visit while enjoying the tropical weather. The great weather isn´t our only advantage, a strong health system, strict guidelines for public areas, and even more stringent ones for tourism companies, have allowed us to host visitors and provide unforgettable as well as safe experiences.


Defining priorities: Safety and fun experiences


This forceful stop to our hectic lives has shown many of us what is truly important. Our loved ones, family members, friends, being kind and empathetic to one another, and being healthy in mind and body. As travel is reignited, many search for a connection to nature, a place to breathe, fill their lungs, look out onto the horizon, and rekindle true wellness.


The world stage


Countries have faced the pandemic in many ways, and Costa Rica has fared much better than most. Its robust healthcare system has allowed everyone access to medical attention required, and the implementation of sanitary measures and curfews countrywide have curtailed the spread of the virus.


costa rica country outline with flag

Mid-November, the country decided to allow travelers in from all countries, with no previous test needed or quarantine upon arrival. Tourists who visit are required to purchase private medical insurance, and follow all guidelines set forth by the Health Ministry, which have become commonplace; masks and social distancing are required in all public areas. This week, the first vaccine doses arrived in the country, such a positive step.


Tucanes Tours is both safe and fun


Apart from implementing local guidelines, Tucanes Tours has taken additional steps, learning from the World Health Organization´s protocol as well as the local health authorities, and training collaborators in additional safety practices. Our tours and activities allow you to enjoy the flora and fauna of Costa Rica with open spaces and plenty of fresh air and nature.


Costa Rica is the place to be right now, visit us and reaffirm what you already now, we can´t wait to take you on exciting adventures to experience all the Central Pacific offers!


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Tucanes Tours Safety Protocols

Tours of Costa Rica´s Central Pacific awaits…and Tucanes is ready

Costa Rica’s Central Pacific awaits and Tucanes Tours is ready. We’re offering special rates for our most popular tours for Nationals and Residents only. Tucanes Tours offers outdoor adventures and nature experiences to those looking to experience the “Pura Vida” and natural wonders that they’ve heard about from friends and loved ones, seen on television or seen online.

Costa Rica is doing a good job managing the COVID-19 outbreak

We would like to thank the local health authorities for the hard work and even tougher actions they have had to take to make Costa Rica recognized as one of the most proactive and safest countries on the planet through this unimaginable pandemic. Another round of appreciation to every person who adhered to the recommended guidelines. Without the participation of every individual, it would have been impossible to suppress the spread and flatten the curve of this invisible enemy.

It’s been a very difficult time for everyone including families, and businesses. Although many have been affected, none as hard as the tourism industry, which fuels the Costa Rican economy. Almost every person is connected to tourism in one way or another. Bars, restaurants, hotels, landlords, transportation companies as well as many other niches including tour operators.

Now to the good part…the tours of the Central Pacific are waiting for you

Tucanes Tours is very excited and happy with the current news which includes the prospect of being able to take locals, residents, and nationals on some of our most popular tours and adventures. For this reason, we at Tucanes have been taking steps and precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. These measures include greatly limiting the number of tours we will be operating as well as keeping the number of guests for our tours down to small groups to enable social distancing. This along with sanitary and hygienic protocols including wearing face masks and thoroughly and consistently disinfecting all equipment and transportation used for our guests’ enjoyment.

Boost your wellness and experience something new

Horseback Riding a our organic farm ocean kayak and snorkeling







We know that times have been hard for everyone affected by the virus and money has been tight as well, Tucanes Tours will be offering discounted rates for locals (nationals and residents) ready to take a break from quarantine and experience a rejuvenating slice of what the Central Pacific offers. These special rates and tours include a boat tour of Damas Island Mangrove Estuary, Kayak and Snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean, a guided tour of Manuel Antonio National Park, Whitewater Rafting ‘El Chorro’, or Horseback Riding from our Organic Farm in Londres, just outside of Manuel Antonio and Quepos. For a complete list of tours and rates check out page dedicated to Nationals and Residents.

Remember that physical activity, contact with nature and fresh air all contribute to your overall mental and emotional well-being and boosts your immune system.

Celebrate your Destination Wedding and Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Love should be celebrated every day, and when it comes to a joyful and original destination, planning to celebrate your destination wedding and honeymoon in Costa Rica is the venue of choice for couples from around the world. Small, intimate nuptials, or a 200-guest beach bash, the venue options are limitless, and the natural beauty of the country as well as friendly Pura Vida attitude will be your companions. When it comes to honeymoons, couples can enjoy active getaways, full on relaxation, or better yet a combination of both. 

Destination Wedding Celebrations and Honeymoons in the Tropics

Newlyweds standing at the alter Destination weddings and honeymoon celebration Costa Rica

Destination weddings have become popular in the last few years. Neutral territory is sometimes the best idea when it comes to blending families together. This often leads to extended getaways where your guests will also enjoy the destination, leave all the planning and decision making to others, and enjoy and celebrate this new union with the couple, their friends and extended families.

Couples can be as hands off or on as they like, and host properties often offer their own staff as wedding planners for your big day. From legal paperwork, catering, flower arrangements, live music, DJs, and more, leave it all to your hosts. 

Couples also take advantage of a destination wedding and honeymoon in Costa Rica to have new family members meet and get to know each other before the big event. Plan for guests to arrive a week early, and have them explore the country together, doing white water rafting, ATV Tours, Kayaking, Catamaran Sailing, exploring Volcanoes and much more. This will help break the ice amongst guests and wedding day and party will be extra festive!


Hunker down at a luxury hotel and destination for your entire stay, sipping cocktails by the pool, experiencing couples´ spa treatments, and enjoying romantic dinners surrounded by nature. Travel throughout the country, exploring both coasts, Poás Volcano or the Monteverde Cloud Forest, experiencing the culture, doing zip-lining, trekking through forests, going horseback riding. So many options, the combinations are limitless.

Newlyweds strolling along the beach own their Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Why Celebrate your Wedding and Honeymoon in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is an inclusive country, welcoming visitors from all walks of life, genders and disabilities and same sex weddings will be legalized in May of 2020.

The country is also serviced by direct flights from most major hubs in North America, South America and Europe, to both of its international airports, in the capital city of San José, and the Northern Area airport of Liberia. Logistics are easy, and a short plane ride away can bring you somewhere exotic and exciting. Most people working in the tourism industry speak both English and Spanish, facilitating communication. The country is well known for its friendly Pura Vida attitude, and there are very experienced tour companies, hoteliers and event planners who will assist with all your planning and travel needs.

Honeymoon on the beach in Costa Rica

Transportation options from San José to Manuel Antonio

Are you looking at private transportation or transfer options for your trip to the Central and South Pacific of Costa Rica? Wondering if you should fly, take a shuttle or rent a car? Why not make the journey part of your holiday? There are so many interesting places to stop at and explore on the way down, here are a few ideas if you decide to drive down to your destination.

Orotina, famous for its fruit stalls

A few minutes after leaving San José and heading to the Pacific, you will reach the town of Orotina. Without deviating off the highway, there are many stalls where you can stop to try some of the local fruit. Try refreshing coconut water, called a pipa by locals or taste mouthwatering green mangoes flavored with lime and salt. Maybe some dehydrated bananas, Costa Rica´s version of a raisin are also available. Good opportunity to load up on snacks for the road.

Crocodile viewing off the Tárcoles Bridge

The largest population of crocodiles in Costa Rica lives on the Tárcoles River, and tourists stop before or after the bridge that runs across it to view photograph these giant creatures that have survived and thrived through the ages. Be aware of your surroundings and belongings during your stop, this is still part of the highway, and cars will go past you quickly while you are on the bridge. 

When you request transportation or a transfer with Tucanes Tours, our guides and drivers will make your transportation part of the adventure!

Carara National Park

The Tárcoles River borders the Carara National Park, which protects transitional forests, making for a biodiversity hotspot. The area is a favorite for birdwatchers, and you may observe red macaws, toucans, herons and more. The trails are accessible and may be explored individually or as a circuit. 

Bustling town of Jacó

Ready for a nice meal, some shopping, and a walk down the beach? Drive into the town of Jacó, where ample dining and shopping options abound. The busy main street offers seafood, sushi, pizza and more, all mixed together with supermarkets, handcraftss and convenience stores. Walk to the end of the road and find the beach, where families and surfers all enjoy the sun and waves.

Welcome to Quepos

Quepos is the last town before you head up the hill towards Manuel Antonio. The Marina Pez Vela is a lovely spot to catch the sunset while having a cocktail. Their offerings include fine dining and a few upscale shopping options. 

Manuel Antonio

You´ve made it, your home base for the next few days. You can choose active, adventurous experiences for an exciting holiday, add a couple of cultural and gastronomic experiences, and choose a few relaxing and romantic options, inland or at sea, to round out the perfect holiday.

When you request transportation or a transfer with Tucanes Tours, our guides and drivers will make your transportation part of the adventure!

Tucanes has a new fleet of Microbuses ready to fulfill your transportation or transfer option needs.

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