A fun and safe place to be RIGHT NOW!

Costa Rica is a FUN (and safe) place to be RIGHT NOW!

Tucanes Tours a fun and safe place for adventure

Costa Rica is a fun and safe place to be right now!

If you’ve been doing any research at all then you are already aware that Costa Rica is THE fun and safe place to be right now. Our way of life has changed, maybe forever, times have certainly been challenging for all, especially for the tourism and travel industry. Here in Costa Rica, our expansive beaches, forests, jungles and mountains allow for the opportunity to visit while enjoying the tropical weather. The great weather isn´t our only advantage, a strong health system, strict guidelines for public areas, and even more stringent ones for tourism companies, have allowed us to host visitors and provide unforgettable as well as safe experiences.


Defining priorities: Safety and fun experiences


This forceful stop to our hectic lives has shown many of us what is truly important. Our loved ones, family members, friends, being kind and empathetic to one another, and being healthy in mind and body. As travel is reignited, many search for a connection to nature, a place to breathe, fill their lungs, look out onto the horizon, and rekindle true wellness.


The world stage


Countries have faced the pandemic in many ways, and Costa Rica has fared much better than most. Its robust healthcare system has allowed everyone access to medical attention required, and the implementation of sanitary measures and curfews countrywide have curtailed the spread of the virus.


costa rica country outline with flag

Mid-November, the country decided to allow travelers in from all countries, with no previous test needed or quarantine upon arrival. Tourists who visit are required to purchase private medical insurance, and follow all guidelines set forth by the Health Ministry, which have become commonplace; masks and social distancing are required in all public areas. This week, the first vaccine doses arrived in the country, such a positive step.


Tucanes Tours is both safe and fun


Apart from implementing local guidelines, Tucanes Tours has taken additional steps, learning from the World Health Organization´s protocol as well as the local health authorities, and training collaborators in additional safety practices. Our tours and activities allow you to enjoy the flora and fauna of Costa Rica with open spaces and plenty of fresh air and nature.


Costa Rica is the place to be right now, visit us and reaffirm what you already now, we can´t wait to take you on exciting adventures to experience all the Central Pacific offers!


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