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Transportation options from San José to Manuel Antonio

Are you looking at private transportation or transfer options for your trip to the Central and South Pacific of Costa Rica? Wondering if you should fly, take a shuttle or rent a car? Why not make the journey part of your holiday? There are so many interesting places to stop at and explore on the way down, here are a few ideas if you decide to drive down to your destination.

Orotina, famous for its fruit stalls

A few minutes after leaving San José and heading to the Pacific, you will reach the town of Orotina. Without deviating off the highway, there are many stalls where you can stop to try some of the local fruit. Try refreshing coconut water, called a pipa by locals or taste mouthwatering green mangoes flavored with lime and salt. Maybe some dehydrated bananas, Costa Rica´s version of a raisin are also available. Good opportunity to load up on snacks for the road.

Crocodile viewing off the Tárcoles Bridge

The largest population of crocodiles in Costa Rica lives on the Tárcoles River, and tourists stop before or after the bridge that runs across it to view photograph these giant creatures that have survived and thrived through the ages. Be aware of your surroundings and belongings during your stop, this is still part of the highway, and cars will go past you quickly while you are on the bridge. 

When you request transportation or a transfer with Tucanes Tours, our guides and drivers will make your transportation part of the adventure!

Carara National Park

The Tárcoles River borders the Carara National Park, which protects transitional forests, making for a biodiversity hotspot. The area is a favorite for birdwatchers, and you may observe red macaws, toucans, herons and more. The trails are accessible and may be explored individually or as a circuit. 

Bustling town of Jacó

Ready for a nice meal, some shopping, and a walk down the beach? Drive into the town of Jacó, where ample dining and shopping options abound. The busy main street offers seafood, sushi, pizza and more, all mixed together with supermarkets, handcraftss and convenience stores. Walk to the end of the road and find the beach, where families and surfers all enjoy the sun and waves.

Welcome to Quepos

Quepos is the last town before you head up the hill towards Manuel Antonio. The Marina Pez Vela is a lovely spot to catch the sunset while having a cocktail. Their offerings include fine dining and a few upscale shopping options. 

Manuel Antonio

You´ve made it, your home base for the next few days. You can choose active, adventurous experiences for an exciting holiday, add a couple of cultural and gastronomic experiences, and choose a few relaxing and romantic options, inland or at sea, to round out the perfect holiday.

When you request transportation or a transfer with Tucanes Tours, our guides and drivers will make your transportation part of the adventure!

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