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Cultural Immersion at a Boruca Indigenous Reservation

Experience a cultural immersion in Costa Rica’s South Pacific and visit the indigenous
per person

Personalized Seafaring Charter on the Boomerang

Would you like a private experience exploring the coastline of the Central Pacific,
per person

Manuel Antonio National Park From Jaco

Explore the pristine natural beauty of this world famous national park filled with
per person

Carara National Park From Jaco

Scarlet Macaws flying overhead in formation, bursts of red, blue and yellow, possibly
per person

Whale Watching Tour ( Without Transportation)

This whale watching tour gives you the opportunity to spot pilot and humpback
per person

Original Santa Juana Mountain Tour

Experience Costa Rica’s rural heritage during a full-day guided nature trek through tropical

Jungle Night Walk and Aquatic Tropical Gardens

Experience aquatic tropical gardens and nighttime in the jungle of Manuel Antonio, when
per person

Canopy Tour

Get your heart pumping and zoom through the rainforest as you “zip line”
per person

Private Birdwatching

Explore the Naranjito rainforest, where your guide will assist in identifying different birds
per person