Surf Lessons

Give surf lessons a try and experience the thrill of riding the waves
per person

Catamaran Adventure

Set sail towards the horizon aboard a catamaran, admiring the marine life as
per person

Adrenaline Canopy Adventure

Canopy tour over the rainforest as well as Butterfly Garden and a Snake
per person

Canopy Tour

Get your heart pumping and zoom through the rainforest as you “zip line”
per person

Carara National Park “Combo”

Hike and boat while birdwatching, observing crocodiles, and enjoying the lush flora and

Carara National Park

Scarlet Macaws flying overhead in formation, bursts of red, blue and yellow, possibly

Private Birdwatching

Explore the Naranjito rainforest, where your guide will assist in identifying different birds
per person