Costa Rica Tourism and Travel News 2021

Tourism and Travel News 2021 Costa Rica Awards Update

Exciting Tourism and travel news for Costa Rica 2021 with the winning another round of awards and distinctions. From leading the way in sustainable tourism, to being named the top place to retire in 2021, a respect for nature, and a healthier outdoor lifestyle are what keeps visitors coming back again and again, and sometimes staying for good. Check out our blog about 5 things that make Costa Rica special.

Tourism & Travel News and Sustainability

Treehugger, a sustainability site partnered with TripSavvy, a travel site, to create The Best of Green, and Costa Rica was featured on the with one of its surf schools on the Pacific Coast. The natural lush surroundings, and how tourism companies are aligned with conservation efforts are what motivated the international judges.

Digital Nomads

Tourism and Travel 2021 Digital Nomads

Meanwhile, in other Costa Rica tourism and travel news 2021 updates… The pandemic has pushed certain changes and technological advancements to the forefront, and many people who have been working from home will never return to a traditional office environment. If you are fortunate enough to work from anywhere in the world with only a laptop and an internet connection, Costa Rica´s hospitality industry has welcomed this type of visitor. From hoteliers who offer long term stays including meal packages, and office supplies and facilities, to vacation homes, digital nomads can enjoy an active lifestyle and put in their work hours.

Nautical Tourism and Travel strengthened in 2021

Private Catamaran Charter on the Boomerang
Private Catamaran Charter

Innovative legislation was signed in Costa Rica early April 2021, broadening the scope of the concession and operation laws for marinas. This authorizes vessels of foreign flags to operate tourism-related activities, allowing for local captains and sailors to lead these activities. The Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, boasts all services required for this type of operation, and makes Costa Rica an ideal destination for those looking to hire luxury boats for fishing expeditions, aquatic sports and more.

Expert Outfitters 

Travelers who come to Costa Rica, be it as tourists, for a season as nomads, to enjoy their retirement, or as a stop on their sea-faring adventure, all enjoy tours and activities from outfitters such as Tucanes Tours, experts in their region and field. From an adrenaline filled white-water trip down challenging rapids, to zip-lining through tropical canopies, travelers can find what suits their mood. Innovative experiences such as cooking lessons, and horseback riding through an organic farm, also form ties to the culture being experienced.

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